Different Types of Intelligence

Can you confidently tell who is intelligent and who isn’t? Do you think dogs and parrots are intelligent? If yes, how? Ants are not good at math but they sure are great engineers! We all have a combination of various types of intelligence, if not all. Let us have a look at them.

Verbal Intelligence
Such people love words. They love reading, writing and making speeches. They like to argue, debate and discuss things. They have
good vocabulary and they compose poetries, write essays, participate in spellathons. They make great writers, poets, scriptwriters,
lyricists and orators.

Logical Intelligence
Such people love numbers. They like solving math problems and analysing numbers and data values. They make good computer programmers and strategy game players such as Chess and Go. They believe in deriving the conclusions from the given facts.

Spatial Intelligence
Such people love visuals. They perceive and think about things in graphics. They have strong visualisation power. They are creative in
designing things. They are good at reading maps, drawing pictures and depicting concepts in graphical forms such as charts and diagrams. They make good graphics designers, animators and film makers.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence
These people love activity, movement and touch. They are dynamic in spirit. They like to do the things and experience first-hand. They would like to visit the place instead of learning about it in the books. They are outgoing and like to meet people. They make good sportspersons, soldiers, dancers, stage performers, mountaineers, travellers, builders, engineers, sculptors, carpenters and makers.

Musical Intelligence
They are feelers and thinkers. They like to perceive through listening. They look for harmony and balance in everything. They have a special knack to understand music and master it. They make good composers and singers, meditators, nature-healers and counsellors since they are good listeners.

Interpersonal Intelligence
These people love to meet other people, connect with them, develop contacts and have a good social circle. They possess strong communication skills irrespective of language. They have many friends and they are popular among the masses. Such people make businessmen, sales persons, counsellors, lawyers, public figures, political leaders and influencers.

Intrapersonal Intelligence
These people are often labelled as introverts or shy. They feel, think and ponder. They do not haste. They take their time to reach at conclusions. They are deeply aware of their needs and wants. They love to do things alone and stay away from the crowd. They are reluctant in sharing their ideas openly with others. Such people make great thinkers, spiritual personalities and writers, painters, seekers and mentors.

Naturalistic Intelligence
These people are empathetic, feelers and kind in nature. People find them sweet and forgiving. Such people are closely interested in nature and its phenomena. They have a special knack to identify characteristics of living beings, plants and other natural elements such as rocks, soil etc.. They are highly sensitive towards the threats to the nature. They are concerned about the ill practices that destroy natural bodies such as water, forests, animals and natural beauty. They make farmers, social workers, philanthropists, nature activists, geologists, environmental scientists, green fighters, marine or wildlife researchers and forest officers.

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